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Microsoft Pop-Up Scam Active In Our Area

We've learned that some individuals in our area have recently been targeted by a scam while they are using their computer.

A message pops up that claims to be from Microsoft or from Windows Support. It states that their computer may be infected by some type of virus or malware, and provides a phone number to call for details.

When the number is called, a person from "tech support" answers and says that in order to help, he needs the user's permission to remotely access their computer. If access is granted, the fraudster usually goes on to confirm that the computer is indeed infected, and quotes a price to fix it. There's no pressure to pay or to have the problem fixed.

Sounds legitimate, right? Wrong!

A dangerous scam is actually underway. While he has access to the computer, the guy from "tech support" may be secretly installing a program that enables him to steal passwords and other sensitive information. It can then be used to access bank accounts, transfer or steal funds --- even take over a person's identity.

Don't be fooled! Microsoft and similar software vendors will NEVER use this approach to contact people who use their products. You should NEVER give an unknown party remote access to your computer in response to a pop-up ad or an unsolicited e-mail.

If you feel you may have accidentally done so, and you use our Online Banking services, please contact our Client Services Department or get in touch with one of our convenient Locations right away to report the situation.

We'll explain how to change your passwords and restrict access to safeguard your accounts. We also recommend that you contact a local, reputable computer/technology specialist to assist you in evaluating the situation and, if necessary, to remove any suspicious programs, files or malware from your computer.

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