2018 Sports-Indexed CD Programs

When your team wins, you win!

Our five hot CD specials are back again!

Invest in one of our 2018 sports-indexed certificates of deposit, and you’ll earn a solid 2.05% Annual Percentage Yield, a quote among the top in our market for 12 month CDs.  And that’s just for starters. Every time the corresponding varsity football team wins this fall, you’ll be a winner, too, by earning an even higher APY!

We’ll add .05% for every win, .10% for a district or conference championship, and .25% for a state championship.  Even better, it will be paid retroactively to the date you opened your account.    

You can get into this year’s program with a minimum opening deposit of just $500*.  Five different CDs are available, each linked to a specific team:

> The Muskie Mania CD, linked to the Muscatine High School varsity football team and available through our Muscatine Downtown, Muscatine Park Avenue and Muscatine HyVee locations.

> The Beaver Nation CD, linked to the Wilton High School varsity football team, and offered through our Wilton Banking Center.

> The Demon Mania CD, linked to the Washington High School varsity football team, available at our Washington Banking Center.

> The Rocket Nation CD, linked to the Rockridge High School varsity football team, and available at our Buffalo Prairie Banking Center.

> The Golden Hawk Pride CD, linked to the Mid-Prairie High School varsity football team, and  vailable through our Kalona Banking Center.

Aside from enjoying a yield that can only go up, year after year people tell us that they really get a kick out of rooting for their favorite team.    You could be a part of the fun, too.  Let’s be honest … when was the last time you had fun investing in a CD?

For details or to open a new account, please contact any of the banking locations listed above.  But be sure to act soon.  At the close of business on Friday, September 7, the final gun will sound --- and enrollment in this year’s sports-indexed CD programs will come to an end for another season!

*Interest rate and APY information is accurate as of August 1, 2018, the date this message was posted to our website.  APY is based on annual compounding of interest. $500 minimum deposit to open and $500 minimum balance is required. $150,000 maximum deposit per household and limit one CD per household. Non-IRA consumer deposits only, please; business, institutional and public funds, and retirement accounts will not be accepted. A penalty may be assessed for withdrawal of principal prior to maturity; a penalty would reduce earnings. During the initial 12 month term, these CDs will never pay less than the Initial Interest Rate and APY of 2.05%. We will add .05% to the Initial Interest Rate and APY for each win by the corresponding varsity football team during the 2018 regular season and during any post-season play. An additional .10% will be added to the rate and APY if the team wins its district or conference championship, and an additional .25% will be added to the rate and APY if the team wins the state championship. The final interest rate and APY will be calculated at the end of the football season and will be paid for the entire 12-month term of the CD, retroactive to the date of account opening. Upon initial maturity, if no depositor action is taken, the account will automatically renew as a regular 12 Month CD at the then-current interest rate and APY. © 2018, CBI Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.