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Save for the Future with a CD or IRA

Getting a decent return on your saved money seems to be harder and harder these days. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for doing the right thing? At CBI Bank & Trust, we think you should be rewarded for saving money with better rates and terms, FDIC protection and a better return in the form of CDs and IRAs.*

CD Options at CBI Bank & Trust

CBI Bank & Trust offers the benefits of standard CDs as well as IRA CDs. The difference is that deposits to an IRA CD count as contributions to an IRA, so you are limited in the amount of money you can contribute to an IRA CD in a year. CBI Bank & Trust also offers jumbo CDs for deposits over $100,000. All standard and jumbo CDs offered by CBI Bank & Trust are FDIC Insured.

CDs and IRA CDs come in various terms, including:

  • 0-5 months
  • 6-11 months
  • 12-23 months
  • 24-35 months
  • 36-47 months
  • 48-59 months and
  • 60 months

Both CDs and IRA CDs have a minimum opening deposit and minimum balance of $1,000. Jumbo CDs come in any term and require at least a $100,000 deposit. See full CD account information here.

IRA Options at CBI Bank & Trust

In addition to an IRA CD, CBI Bank & Trust also offers IRA Savings accounts to help you save for retirement. These accounts are compounded quarterly to help your savings grow faster, and can also be used as a tax reduction.*

Open Your CD or IRA Today

To open your IRA or CD account at CBI Bank & Trust, simply stop by any of our offices in eastern Iowa or western Illinois and ask for assistance in opening a CD or IRA.

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* Consult your tax advisor regarding IRS rules and provisions governing Individual Retirement Accounts.