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Auto Loans, Home Equity Loans and More Personal Loan Options

Throughout life there are events that are big, both in what they mean to us and in what they cost to achieve. For times when life requires financial assistance, CBI Bank & Trust is there to help by offering a variety of personal loan options.

The decisions for our personal loans are made locally, and our consumer lending team always takes the time to get to know you and your needs before making any recommendations. That’s just one more way we ensure you get the loan that best fits your needs, not our bottom line.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Available when you have a need for quick and convenient financing, unsecured personal loans are generally available for individuals with an established credit record and an excellent credit history. Contact CBI Bank & Trust for more details about our unsecured personal loans.

Auto & RV Loans

CBI Bank & Trust offers two different loan options for vehicles and RVs:

  • Conventional Auto/RV Loans- the most common type of financing; offers fixed interest rates, flexible terms to match your budget and easy monthly payments.
  • Indirect (Dealer) Auto Loans- as we have partnerships with many Muscatine and Wilton-area dealerships, you can ask your dealer if they can process your financing through CBI Bank & Trust  in order to get an “indirect” auto loan. After the purchase is complete, our staff works with you on the terms for your repayment plan.

Home Equity Loans

Put the power of your home’s equity to use for you to pay for home improvements, a wedding or another major expense. Home equity loans are lump sum loans that come with fixed rates that are usually less than other personal loans. A fixed rate makes repayment easy as you can budget around your monthly payment.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Establish a line of credit using your home’s equity with home equity line of credit from CBI Bank & Trust. Once you’ve applied and your credit limit has been set, you can borrow when you need cash. Payments are either interest only, or you can choose to make a principal and interest payment monthly. The variable interest rate is based on changes in the prime rate. Fixed rate line of credit loans are available as well.

Other Personal Loan Options

CBI Bank & Trust offers personal loans in addition to the above choices:

  • Loans for boats, camper trailers and motorcycles
  • CD Loans

Apply for Your Personal Loan at CBI Bank & Trust

Our consumer lenders are ready to help anyway they can. Contact any CBI Bank & Trust office or come by any location in Muscatine, Buffalo Prairie, Coralville, Kalona, Wilton or Washington to start the conversation about your personal loan needs.