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Trust & Investment Department Services

Trusts and trust-related services have the perception of being complicated financial accounts available only to those in higher income brackets. However, they can be beneficial for many people regardless of income. At CBI Bank & Trust, our Trust & Investment Department can help you decide if a trust is the right option for you, your financial situation and your future goals and wishes.

Our Trust & Investment Department offers numerous services, including:


Living Trusts

  • A living trust is created during your life
  • Can be structure to be “revocable,” meaning you have the ability to change the terms or end the arrangement if you wish.
  • Trusts transfer ownership of assets and property to a trust managed by a Trustee (CBI Bank & Trust ).
  • A living trust ensures peace of mind when it comes to investments, delays and expenses at your death.

Trust Under Will

  • Offers financial security for your loved ones after your death
  • An estate plan is created with the assistance of our Trust professionals and your legal advisor
  • Provides income and support to one or more beneficiaries, such as your spouse or any minor children
  • Ensures funds are distributed and invested according to your pre-established goals

Farm Management

  • For farm owners who lack the time or expertise to manage their property day to day
  • We recommend crop rotations, project income and expenses and help select prospective tenants
  • Regular communication (personal contact, reports and periodic statements) ensure you are kept in the loop


  • Established in cases when you know you may become incapable of handling your financial responsibilities
  • Shifts financial management burden from our family and loved ones to the bank, your Conservator

Estate Executorship & Settlement

  • CBI Bank & Trust is named as the executor of your estate
  • Ensures your estate is settled according to your instructions
  • Shifts this burden from your family to experienced Trust professionals

Individual Retirement Accounts

  • Set up through the Trust Department at CBI Bank & Trust
  • Protects tax-advantaged status of lump sum distribution from your pension, 401(k) or tax-deferred retirement plan
  • Investment of funds is provided for
  • You enjoy the benefit of professional management of your money and friendly, local service

Employee Benefit Plan Administration

  • Services for administering SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs and similar retirement programs for corporations, partnerships and individuals
  • We Can also manage complex retirement programs such as 401(k)s and Qualified Pension Plans
  • Ability to manage the creation of new retirement plans, as well as facilitating existing plans

Investment Management

  • You receive services like investment advice, recordkeeping, safekeeping of securities, collection of income and bill payment
  • Interest and dividend payments are reinvested in accordance to your directives
  • Saves you the time and effort that goes with managing investments and reinvesting interest and dividends


Contact a CBI Bank & Trust Department Staff Member

As trusts can be complex and influenced by a number of factors, we like to start with a personal appointment where we get to know you and your needs. Contact any of the CBI Bank & Trust Department staff members to arrange an appointment today.

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Regulatory Disclosures

Investments offered through the Trust & Investment Department are Not FDIC Insured, Not Bank Guaranteed, May Lose Value, Not a Deposit, Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency, and Subject to Investment Risk Including the Possible Loss of Principal.