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Mini-Millionaires Club

Mini Millionaires Club Logo

For kids up to and including age 12

The sooner kids can be exposed to money – what it is, how it is used, spending and saving – the sooner they will begin to develop solid financial habits. We’re proud to help kids in our communities get started by offering the Mini-Millionaires Club.

It’s a great way for you to get your child used to saving money, illustrating the difference between deposits and withdrawals and managing an account using an account register. Here’s how the club works:

  • Membership is open to children from birth through age 12.

  • Enrollment by a parent or legal guardian is required.

  • A Student Savings Account (a special version of our Savings Account) is required.  Features include no minimum balance requirement, no monthly fees, unlimited deposits, and twenty five free withdrawals per month. 

  • A welcome gift is included upon enrollment.  It includes an adorable stuffed animal, Percy the Penguin --- our club mascot!

  • A colorful newsletter, developed especially for younger readers, is issued Photo of young girl at a tellerregularly.  Children are thrilled to get something in the mailbox that’s personally addressed to them, and parents tell us that it’s a great starting point for conversations about money and savings.  

  • An annual Mini-Millionaires party is traditionally held.  Availability may vary by community/market.  

  • When Mini-Millionaire members reach age 13, they automatically “graduate” into our Teen Banking Club.   

Teen Banking Club

Photo of two teenage girls using an ATM one girl is riding a bicycleFor ages 13 through 18

As a child transitions into being a teenager, their perspective on money and their financial responsibilities begin to change. They may get their first part-time job, they might start driving, and they’re very likely to have more wants and needs when it comes to money. CBI Bank & Trust’s Teen Banking Club helps a child transition to adult-level banking services. Program features include:

  • Membership is open to ages 13 through 18.

  • A Student Savings Account (a special version of our Savings Account) is required.  Features include no minimum balance requirement, no monthly fees, unlimited deposits, and twenty five free withdrawals per month.

  • Eligibility for a checking account (along with a parent or legal guardian) to compliment your Student Savings account begins at age 13. 

  • Earn $5.00 for downloading our mobile banking app.

  • A “good grades bonus” is available for scholastic achievement.  At the end of each semester, teens can earn $5 for a GPA of 3.5 or higher.  

  • Membership automatically ends at age 19.  The Student Savings Account will automatically convert to a Savings Account, subject to any fees and minimum balance requirements that may be in effect at the time.*  

It’s Easy To Get Started!

To learn more, to open a new Student Savings Account, or to enroll a child in the Mini-Millionaires Club or Teen Banking Club, simply contact any of our convenient locations.  We’ll be glad to provide more information and to help you get started!  

*Currently our Savings Account plan carries a $100 minimum daily balance requirement to avoid a monthly fee. Other savings and checking plans are also available.

We Support Financial Literacy

Photo of two bank employeesAt CBI Bank & Trust we’re strong believers in the concept of financial literacy, especially when it involves children.  That’s why we’re a long-time active participant in national Teach Children to Save Day, working with hundreds of second graders in dozens of area classrooms every April.  Since the 1990s our banker volunteers have reached thousands of kids, starting them on the road to smart money habits that will last a lifetime.

Photo of display at a Junior Achievement Fundraising We’re also active supporters of Junior Achievement, providing classroom volunteers and funding support for programs administered through JA of the Heartland and JA of Eastern Iowa. Over the years, our officers have also served in board-level leadership capacities for these organizations.