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If you need a loan for just about any worthwhile purpose, you’ve come to the right bank.  And if you want to enjoy the convenience of applying online, you’ve come to the right page!  We offer safe, secure online applications for a wide variety of consumer and mortgage loans.  You can complete your app entirely online, or start online and then hand off your application to one of our lenders to wrap things up --- the choice is yours.  Either way, simply click on the appropriate link below to get started:   

  • Go to our Consumer Loan online application page for auto, RV, motorcycle and many other types of personal loans*
  • Go to our Mortgage Loan for a loan to purchase or refinance an owner-occupied home* 

Want to learn more before you get started?  E-mail a lender at one of the links below, or call or stop by any of our nine convenient Locations.

Whether you bank with us or currently do business elsewhere, nothing would make us happier than to help you turn your dreams into reality with a low-cost, affordable loan.  Aim High and Bank Strong --- apply online with CBI Bank & Trust! 



Lender E-Mail Links:

Coralville Banking Center  Serving the greater Johnson County area. 

  • Mortgage Loans:  E-mail Eric Olsen, NMLS #446561
  • Mortgage Loans:  E-mail Art Floss, NMLS #543221
  • Consumer Loans:  E-mail Scott Popkes, NMLS #718932

Davenport Banking Center  Serving the Iowa and Illinois Quad Cities area. 

Kalona Banking Center  Serving the Kalona, Iowa area. 

Muscatine Banking Centers  Serving the greater Muscatine area including our Buffalo Prairie location.

  • Downtown Banking Center – Mortgage Loans:  E-mail Dawn Sturms Dodds, NMLS #1007051
  • Downtown Banking Center – Mortgage Loans:  E-mail Dana Miller, NMLS #1411707
  • Downtown Banking Center – Consumer Loans:  E-mail Alex Meiners, NMLS #1372751
  • Downtown Banking Center – Consumer Loans:  E-mail Erin McKee, NMLS #1707575
  • Downtown Banking Center – Consumer Loans:  E-Mail Madison Sturms, NMLS #1765162
  • Park Avenue Banking Center – Consumer Loans:  E-mail Skye Edkin, NMLS #1580703
  • Park Avenue Banking Center – Consumer Loans:  E-mail Amanda Fourdyce, NMLS#1007273  

Washington Banking Center  Serving the greater Washington, Iowa area. 

  • Mortgage and Consumer Loans: E-mail Melissa Myers, NMLS #729958

Wilton Banking Center  Serving Wilton and the surrounding area. 

  • Mortgage and Consumer Loans:  E-mail Lisa Kublik, NMLS #744645


Footnotes:  Online applications are available for personal (non-business) borrowers in Iowa and Illinois only, and for collateral located only in these two states.